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9/11 was predicted to the tee in July 2001!

George Bush, Condaleza Rice, Dick Chenney, et al, repeatedly said that no one could have predicted terrorists would hijack planes and fly them into buildings. Alex Jones, by reading only published news, the globalist's own white papers and unclassified documents, predicted not only the terror strike of 9/11 and what the target would be but that it would be sponsored by our government and blamed on Usama Bin Laden. (NOTE: The terrorist attack of 9/11 is not listed on Usama Bin Laden's Wanted poster as one of his crimes.)
The reason I'm posting this now is because many of us in the patriot movement now believe that the globalists are planning a new false-flag attack that will be blamed on a 9/11 truther. Look at all of the demonization of 9/11 truthers in the media by the corporate shills right now. It is just how they sexed up the threat of Usama Bin Laden during the media build up to 9/11. They need to demonize and start rounding up 9/11 truthers, patriots and veterans (all stated enemies of the government - see the MIAC report) so they can silence the truth and ratchet up the tyranny. I made this prediction on Jan 20th 2010 when I watched Beck go on his show and insinuate that a '9/11 truther' was going to assasinate the president. I thought, 'Great, now they're going to stage an assasination attempt and blame it on a 9/11 truther." Now I'm making my prediction public. Maybe we can stop it if the noise about it gets loud enough and the globalists realize that they aren't going to get away with these crimes against the citizens of our great republic any more. Pass it on.

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Comment by Todd on March 10, 2010 at 10:58am
One of Alex Jone's contests is to put together a compilation of his predictions. This was just one of them.


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