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I first heard that the farmland I was used to seeing, along the 5 freeway between the Grapevine and San Fransisco, is now almost desert.

I heard this on December 2 but I had not gotten confirmation until now. A friend of mine made the drive to San Fransisco and told me that it was mostly desert. The fact is that it's always been a desert but we transported water.

Now the water was turned off.

The Sheriff of that county could have turned the water back on. He has the power to arrest anyone trying to interfere.

If he only knew he had the power to say no. Sheriff Richard Mack proved it. He told Bill Clinton no and the supreme court backed him up. Richard Mack has endorsed an OC candidate for Sheriff, Bill Hunt.

Would Bill Hunt turn the water back on?

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Comment by SallytAV 45123 on December 24, 2009 at 12:56am
I hope xo!!!!


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