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I have watched the entire documentary and I thought it was done very well. I really liked the clip on Glenn Beck. Alex Jones explained how Glenn acts like our friend and then stabs us in the back.
(watch the segment starting at 14 seconds)

I have been telling as many people as I can that they need to see this footage, to know that Glenn Beck is really just another puppet.

When Glenn Beck first talked about FEMA camps on his show, I was doubtful, and searched for clips of him mentioning the camps. I remember seeing him talking about the camps in the morning and saying that the evidence is damning, and then on his show that evening he said the camps don't exist.

When I saw the CAMP FEMA clip I was happy to see such good footage. However I did more digging and found the original clip of him crying on air, and it was about a totally different story. The editors meshed unrelated footage making it seem like it flowed together.

Please watch the original footage,
(start at 44 seconds until 1:08 - compare the footage side by side)

here is FEMA Camp footage,
(watch the segment starting at 14 seconds until 38 seconds)


It is hard enough for us to try to talk about issues such as FEMA camps without the our whistle blowers twisting the truth. Even if it was just for that one segment of footage, the whole documentary is now suspect of fraud. Why would they do such a thing?

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Comment by Lorri Bethel on February 16, 2010 at 5:54pm
Todd, I think they put the part with Glenn Beck crying in there because listen to what he is crying about. He is saying that no one follows through on a news story. Well, that's exactly what he didn't do when he said he was going to report on the FEMA camps and then turned operative and tried to debunk them. See the irony?
I encourage people who are doubters to read H.R.645 and to go to to read about the Civilian Inmate Labor Program
That should be a good start. Then they should order the documentary Camp FEMA and share it with their friends.
Comment by Todd on December 23, 2009 at 12:53pm
Just so you know. I think Glenn Beck is an insider. Here is some other great footage proving that he is just for show.


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