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Are Federal Reserve "Notes" Money?

No. To be considered Money, something must have intrinsic (innate) value (worth). Gold and Silver could be made into money. Federal Reserve "Notes" are not money.

They aren't even notes.

To be a note, there must a due date, for when the note is exchangeable for something valuable (gold, silver, etc.) There are no due dates on Federal Reserve Coupons, nor can they ever be redeemed for anything of value.

Federal Reserve Coupons are often called dollars. They are not dollars. A Dollar is a unit of measure of weight. (Search for "Pure Silver")

Before you ever sign a loan agreement from a bank, read the fine print. Does it say that you must pay back lawful money? If so realize that lawful money is real money that Federal Reserve Coupons are not. Lawful money is what was made before the Federal Reserve was established. Gold or silver coin would also be considered lawful money.

A dollar of silver or gold is worth a lot more that one federal reserve coupon. Banks to this day have never required repayment in lawful money but by law they could. I don't think it was just a typo. They have many high paid lawyers scrutinizing laws. The term is very specific.

Could it be in case that the wording was put there in case we ever demanded lawful money instead of Federal Reserve Coupons?

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