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We just finished a long and emotionally draining election cycle. President Obama will start a new term, and it appears that there will be no end to our government’s encroachment into our lives. We are on a fast track to ruin when it comes to our beloved Constitution and our cherished liberties.


What does one do now? Lucky for us, the men and women that found this country knew a thing or two about tyranny and hence had contingency plans and solutions to protect their life, property, and liberties. They developed the Bill of Rights which outlined key natural rights we have as individuals.


From the Bill of Rights we have the 10th Amendment which  just might be the most important as it deals with “people” and the “power” We The People have in individual states/communities making the 10A particularly useful for the times we live today. The 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights says that the “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


Sounds like there is hope—a solution—it appears We the People have a weapon to thwart the outrageous advances of government into our lives.


We all should have endless gratitude for what the Founders did for us.

I want to introduce to you a powerful presentation from the Foundation for a Free Society and the 10th Amendment Center which offers solutions to what troubles us today.  

Nullification the Rightful Remedy


I am also providing a website to the Tenth Amendment Center based out of Los Angeles. This very useful site will provide many if not all the educational and activist tools you need to learn about and promote the concept of Nullification—the Rightful Remedy.





Please view this video presentations and the website, and let us look together to utilize the 10A. Nullification is gaining momentum across this great land. Let us all be part of it.


Join me and let’s NULLIFY NOW!!




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