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Today we embark on a campaign to defend what is most precious to you as a free and beautiful human being---your health and your health freedom.


Since the January Disneyland measles outbreak and the corresponding propaganda campaign that followed, legislation was quickly drawn up by statists in Sacramento, which clearly amount to an all out assault on Individual Liberty.


Accordingly, we now have an organization formed to defeat all government health mandates especially in California, and we are now seeking brave men and women, leaders, and the most professional and steadfast definers of Liberty across California to join our group, for we are planning an organized campaign under the banner of Ron Paul’s political action group Campaign for Liberty.  


Anyone who cares about Individual Liberty should clearly see the benefits of taking on such a cause and defeating all affronts to our health freedom. We see this issue as a powerful unifying issue that brings people together from all walks of life and political persuasions with strong capabilities for building powerful coalitions not unlike the NSA issue many of us tackled in years past. 


Free individuals act and make choices everyday based on their preferences and their ability to educate their selves on all things related to health. Surely many if not all people agree that modern medicine has its virtues, yet government mandates completely deny individuals their most basic human rights, many times, in favor of corporate sponsors.


The proposed law SB 277 is antithetical to a constitutional republic --the form of government our founders had in mind and established to insure the maximum amount of peace, prosperity, and freedom to each individual.


Let us promote and defend HEALTH FREEDOM!! Please join us in this fight to defeat all health mandates in California.


Yours in freedom.


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